Advanced Technology


Las Vegas, Nevada's Advanced Technology in Dentistry

You may be confident that when you come to our clinic, Dr. Michael Sherman & Silver Mountain Dental and her staff will be utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the caliber and fit of your dental care.

Computer-assisted dental implant surgery is used in our practice.

A computer simulation usually precedes a dental implant surgery. Our clinic's modern 3D imaging technology is used by our team of dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and certified dental lab technicians to plan your procedure on the computer. After that, a custom implant placement guide is made, enabling a quicker, more precise appointment—often without incisions or stitches!

Digital Imaging

Which radiographs should be taken when is decided by Dr. Michael Sherman and Silver Mountain Dental. There are some rules that we follow. We can see things that our eyes cannot with the help of radiographs. Radiographs can be used to identify cavities between your teeth, gauge bone density, and evaluate bone health. Additionally, we can examine the roots and nerves of teeth, spot anomalies like cysts and tumors, and evaluate trauma-related damage.

Dental radiographs are incredibly helpful diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative dental health tools. The exposure time of dental radiographs is quite brief. Dr. Michael Sherman and Silver Mountain Dental employ digital imaging technologies. Digital imaging has an exposure duration that is roughly half that of conventional radiographs. Digital imaging can also be used to retrieve crucial diagnostic data. Perhaps now we can see cavities more clearly.

We can quickly and effectively transfer patient photos to specialists or insurance companies thanks to digital imaging technology.


Digital X-rays are more accurate since the image is seen on a computer screen rather than by bringing a 35mm film up to the light. With digital X-rays, your radiation exposure will be 1/6th as great.


Many patients, especially those who are younger, are acclimated to modern technology and feel comfortable in a high-tech setting. Computer and television screens are mostly how they interpret information.

Dr. Michael Sherman and Silver Mountain Dental employ intraoral camera technology to help you interpret your diagnosis. The length of an intraoral camera can be as little as a few millimeters in some circumstances. To provide an accurate diagnosis, we need clear, precise photos of our mouth, teeth, and gums, which an intraoral camera can provide. Details that are seen in sharp, defined, magnified pictures could be missed during routine mirror inspections. You might receive a diagnosis more quickly and spend less time in the chair as a result!

The use of intraoral cameras also enables us to permanently document your treatments by storing your images on our office computer. These images may be created for insurance companies, your lab, other professionals, or you.

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